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For companies, entrepreneurs or scientists who have a great idea for a product but need assistance in developing that product into a working reality, Affinity for Mechanical Design has a range of services that can suit even a small budget. Whether you already have a prototype and just need to take it into production, or if you only have an idea, we can assist at every step.



Extensive experience designing mechanical projects, products, and machinery. Read more…



Whether creating a new product or production line our designs are always  innovative. Read more…



Project management in industrial process improvement to plan expansions. Read more…

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We offer your company the “next level” of services you need to develop your new projects from conception to market. Leaving your competitors wondering how your company came up with the idea!

Affinity for Mechanical Design | Terry Walker, Owner
Terry Walker
Owner / Lead Engineer

Started Design at 15 yrs old

I started my engineering career at 15 as a draftsman at a small plastic injection mold company in Lombard, Illinois. Everything about this small company was cutting edge! Their entire employee base, every single person in every single position, was hired as a high school intern. Every employee was sent to trade school at no cost to them. There was no yearly work review process, as the owner reviewed you monthly! You always knew exactly what improvements you needed to make to be the best you could be. And we all had something in common, it was the only job any of us had ever had. Needless to say, turnover was practically non-existent, as employees simply never quit! I learned more than I could have ever imagined from working there.

This company’s, out-of-the-box methods produced employees with unrivalled company loyalty and work ethic. The injection molds they manufactured were impeccable. They blew away their competition’s quality, which meant their molds were worth substantially more money. 

The owner of this company and his methods have shaped my entire career. The quality of my work has always been quintessential to my satisfaction. I  judge my work, its quality, its validity and its usefulness by how I think my old boss, Wally, would judge it.

It is said that you are the sum of what your teachers taught you. Wally taught me how to work hard, how to treat people fairly, how to exceed beyond expectation, and how to use my talent of seeing what doesn’t exist.

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Affinity for Mechanical Design | About

Your success is our success. We collaborate with our customers throughout the process. From concept to completion, we ensure that needs are met, ideas are understood, opportunities maximized, and any potential issues are solved, often before they occur.

At Affinity for Mechanical Design, our goal is to facilitate our customer’s innovation without limits. So, we’ve worked to master all the core technologies that your new product idea might require for success – from software to design, from prototyping to finished products to packaging, and everything in between. This collaboration, in turn, allows us to partner with customers and ensure success.

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We always start with a complimentary consultation to identify your roadblocks and explore solutions.

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Your success is our success. We collaborate with our customers throughout the project.

project management

Affinity for Mechanical Design can oversee installation, implementation and production of our designs.


We can provide the experience your post-covid engineering department may lack.


We always start with a complimentary consultation to identify your roadblocks and explore solutions.

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We excel in mechanical engineering utilizing 3D solids modeling with both AutoCAD and SolidWorks. We have decades of experience designing architectural and mechanical projects, products and machinery used in a broad range of industries.


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Affinity for Mechanical Design | About
"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”
Stee Jobs
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